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This page contains a collection of clips from my days as a student reporter at Wheaton College, in Norton, Massachusetts. These articles are old (and sometimes embarassing), but they represent some good work by an OK young writer, one just beginning to learn that much of the magic is in the editing. I took my job as a reporter seriously and the selections below represent a small fraction of my total articles. I wrote nearly every week during the school year throughout my first and second years of college, before I began work as a web designer at Beacon Press (in 1994). I wrote copy for their first web site, in HTML. From there, I went on to work at O'Reilly Media, where I wrote colophons and back cover copy for developmental editors (often in exchange for a few lunches).
I now keep busy writing short fiction when I have the time. Take a look around at other items on the site if you'd like an idea of my general non-reportorial writing style!

Wheaton Wire Articles (scanned)

Plan Calls for One Million in Budget Cuts

Overcrowding Greets New Housing Director

Filene Center Announces Transportation Changes

Wheaton Wire Articles (text)

Lecture on World Hunger by Professor Ellen Messer (November, 1992)

Academic Computing Profile (April, 1993) This an interesting snapshot of the pre-web internet on a small college campus.

Room Lottery Dispute (April 1993)

Pests Plague the Campus (May, 1993)

Election Report (September 1993)

President Clinton's Economic Plan Draws Fire From Faculty Member (February, 1994)

Profile of Student Government President (Sept. 1994)