Signs of Life

I forgot to write in my spy notebook yesterday because I forget to do things a lot. My name is Alexander and I am in spy training. Forgetting things might make it harder for me to be a spy but I can overcome the adversity. I once read a book about Helen Keller and she could not see and that was her adversity but she was really successful anyway and even had a book written about her that I read but I can't remember the title because not remembering things is my adversity.

In one of my spy books they said that a good way to get better at remembering is to not use a bookmark or fold up the pages when you are reading and have to stop reading. You need to remember the page. This is page 4 of my spy notebook and I have to go back to school in 12 days. It is hard to forget that but if I write it down that will help me remember too.

Today I will write about Gravity, which is something from science that makes things go down. It is also the name of my cat, which is why I capitalized it here. She is grey and yesterday when we were having Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for lunch a strange woman knocked on the door and she was crying and she said she hit a cat with her car and Mom got up right away and ran out the door with her and then came back crying and was holding Gravity in her arms and said I needed to get towels so I did and we put Gravity in them and her cat face looked weird because it got hit by the lady's car.

Cat blood looks like people blood. Gravity looked up from the towels with her big green eyes and meowed but it sounded kind of weird and Mom said "Oh dear."

Gravity couldn't eat kibble through her hurt mouth so Mom got out the thing that they used to give my baby sister Violet her medicine into her mouth before she was old enough to drink it herself. Mom called it a syringe so I looked it up and that there was even a little drawing in the dictionary but the picture looked like the needles that they give you shots with and this syringe did not have a needle.

I told Mom and showed her the picture and she said, "Alexander, stop looking things up in the dictionary and help me make Gravity better."

Mom put milk into the syringe and said, "hold her for me, Alexander."

I held her in my lap and she was very very warm. Mom opened up Gravity's mouth with her fingers and pushed the syringe in. Milk got all over Gravity's mouth and dripped on her whiskers. Mom rubbed the milk in. Gravity purred and mom said, "I think she's going to be okay."

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